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Our First Family Travel To Antique

“Mauli gid ako, sa Antique!” (I’m going home, to Antique!)

That’s part of a song from Antique. And that’s what my friends commonly sings when they long to go home. My husband is from the same town too and he kept singing it before we decided to go home. So, wish granted, we went home one day.

We have been travelling before because we love it, it’s part of our bonding as married couple. But since we had kids, we barely go for a travel because of the hassles. However, it has been a while since we haven’t gotten ourselves back to my husband’s hometown, Sibalom, so we decided to go home during a fiesta celebration in May 2017.

Sibalom is one of the municipal barangay in the province of Antique. We lived in Cebu City now, so we planned to go on a boat from Cebu to Iloilo. We haven’t booked an early ticket kay we ran out of time cos both of us were working, and of course, we want to make our first family travel exciting. And, woman as I am, I was the one who packed our things so it will be easier for me to find things when I need it especially sa mga gamit sa bata kay travelling with kids is not just exciting, it is also challenging and exhausting! So a day before our travel , I have all our bags packed. No it’s not so many. I just packed clothes good for 2 days cos we won’t stay there for long, then 2 extra clothes as we travel cos I’m sure it will be messy. I did not pack plenty of milks and diapers because I can buy one when we get there. Overall, we’ve got all our things in 2 bags only. We cannot afford to bring more since we need to commute from Iloilo to Sibalom and it’s pretty long journey so 2 bags are enough.

On the day we left, unfortunately, there were no more boat tickets available. To be honest I was about to give up that travel plan because I was already exhausted from packing things and all the preparations. But my husband was very excited to go home, he felt sad to hear that all tickets are sold out. Then my traveler instinct gave me an idea to go on a land trip. And that’s what we did.

We transferred from SM, from where we suppose to buy the boat ticket, to South Bus terminal. It was already late in the afternoon so we were not sure if there was either a bus going to Dumaguete, but we took the risk because we long to go home for a long time, ticket should not be the reason to quit. We waited for hours in the terminal to get the bus to Dumaguete at 10pm. Luckily, our little boys were in the mood for a travel and they were amused to the surrounding, seeing a lot of people going around the terminal. Good thing there is a Dunkin Donut shop inside the terminal so we bought donuts for our hungry stomach and our boys loved it with their favorite Chuckie. Yeah, sweets, energy booster to keep them awake before we catch the bus. It was their cheat day.

I feel relieved the moment we rode the bus because I know that will take us straight to Bacolod, we do not have to cut trips, and every thing should be smooth by then. Then from Bacolod, we took a fast craft to Iloilo then our last ride was the GT Express to Sibalom. We got home at noon time the following day, and every one was happy to see us again.

It was one of the best travel we had and we are looking forward to have another travel when we can.


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