A diary of a working mom

A diary of a working mom is a page about how it is being a mom and working at the same time. I write stories about my endeavors raising a kid.

What else can you find on this website?


Since I am a mother, and I’m proud of it, I also write about mothering. My two lovely sons are my inspiration. Being a working mom could be quite difficult especially when you’re child reaches 3 years old. This is the time when they want to explore and be wild. They always want to have something that you don’t really know what.

However, despite all that, I love my kids so much. They are my happy pill. As a parent, I encourage them, in any way I can, to be independent. When I say independent, it means doing things on their own like fixing their toys, doing household chores, finding their toys, etc.

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I also write about breastfeeding, sharing my experience when I use to breastfeed my sons.

Tech Talk

I have been working as a Technical Support for over 10 years. Part of my job is to provide assistance to people and business owners with their technical difficulties in navigating through the website and stuff.

On this website, you may find technical stuff, most of which are how to’s. My goal is to provide online help to people who have difficulties navigating around the internet. Therefore, I will cover stuff about websites, emails, social media, online stores, and also SEO.

Also, working on computers has become a big part of my life. I have been a fan of computers and the internet since I was in high-school. So does, blogging, or shall I say writing during my early years when I haven’t met the internet, yet.

Because of this, it has become my passion to help people navigate their way on the internet. And I want to continue doing it even when I’m not at work.

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