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Weaning Hacks

I used to think that weaning was easy, but when I was on the shoe, it was opposite.

With our first born, I tried to wean him from bottle as early as he turns one. Unfortunately, he is too dependent on his bottle especially at night time. I was working at night before so I was not able to monitor him during night. It was my husband who attends our son when I’m at work and he can’t afford a crying baby so he will give in to our son’s request to have a bottled milk, and they’re used to this routine. Naging dependent si baby sa bottle, he can’t sleep without it. I also tried to put a fake cockroach in his milk bottle, but this did not scare him. I tried dipping the nipples to ‘panyawan’ but it still did not do the trick. Maybe dahil na rin sa Papa nya, cos binibigyan kasi sya pag wala ako. I bought different kinds of tumblers but he just don’t buy the trick. Last thing I did was to ignore his request and he was crying almost the entire night di kami naka tulog lahat, at nag simula na kaming mag away ng asawa ko. So I stopped. Yes, his teeth is not good because of it, and I feel bad about it.

With our second son, he’s only 2yrs old and 9 months, and he already weans from bottled milk. Yes, he is also used to sleep with his bottles but since my job schedule was changed to day time, bottled milk at night has been slowly reduced. At first, before he goes to bed I give him full ounce but lesser formula. When he wakes up in the middle of the night to ask for a milk, I give him a bottle with just water on it and tell him that he needs water to wash his teeth. It was good that he was okay with it. Until one night, he did not ask for a bottled milk anymore, in the middle of the night. He only asked for it before he goes to bed and when he wakes up in the morning – on a glass.

So, mommies, if you want to wean baby from bottle feeding, below are some hacks that worked for me that you might want to do as well:

  1. Feeding real food. Make sure first na kumakain palage si baby ng real food. When I say real, young may gulay, protien, carbo. Mas maganda pag tayo ang mag prepare mismo, not the ready-to-eat.
  2. Feed fruits. Pag kumakain si baby ng prutas, the taste buds will have a different taste, fruits will brush off the milk taste so when he take some milk medyo may kakaibang lasa na. Sometimes it helps curb the milk cravings.
  3. Less milk, more water. The only practice na hindi ko na apply with our first son was yung lesser formula. It was then when our second son was able to adjust to having just water overnight. No hindi kawawa ang baby to have just water at night. According to some researches, as early as 6 months, you may consider giving your baby a bottle of water instead of formula at night. This is also good for his teeth, believe me, mommy, my two son’s teeth are not good. I really feel bad pero wala akong ma gawa, wala ako sa tabi nila during those years where I suppose train them to sleep without a bottled milk.

Anyway, bottom line is, tayong mga mommies are the keys for weaning our kids form bottle feeding. Kids are different, each of them. But if we do our best to teach them, train them, they will listen to us, and somehow will follow us.

What worked for us was the lesser formula at night but make sure to feed the baby during day time especially sa dinner. Not feeding with milk but feeding real food, gulay, not hotdog.

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