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We Should Not Fear of Sending Our Kids To School

Enrollment for school year 2020-2021 has started since yesterday. I wonder if parents have enrolled their kids because I know there are a lot of parents who rants against it.

I understand that as parents, we will do our best or protect our kids from health risk especially since there is no vaccine yet to fight COVID. However, as parents, it is also our responsibility to teach our kids. Our kids are young and there’s no way for them to learn the standards of living on their own, other than from us. We, parents, should not fear enrolling our kids, for our government is doing their best pud. I received an sms from my son’s Kinder teacher informing parents nga there is no face to face class. So our kids are still safe because they will be staying at home.

This is why I have enrolled my son online. The process includes a survey about how far you are from school, if you have challenges with home schooling, if you have an internet connection or not, what are the devices you can use you will be provided with options that you can choose from, etc. It even has a “radio” as an option to learn. So I believe kaya ra nato ni. Let us trust our government and not rant about it. The least that we can do is to support our government kay this is for our kids man sab. Sayang ang usa ka school year kung undangon.

The challenge lang aning home schooling for parents like us nga working is ang time sa pag tudlo. But hey, if there’s a will, there’s a way, diba? It’s all about time management. It might be difficult at first, but eventually we will get used to it. Every “first” is a challenge, diba?

If we rejoiced kay GCQ na, open na ang malls, mag rejoice sab ta nga sooner balik na school ang mga bata, and this time will be different kay apil ta maka kat-on.

For me, the feeling of being hands-on co-teacher sa atong own kid is very exciting, yet challenging. But we as parents will do everything we can for our kids, so keri ra ni. Let us not put so much pressure about it and later mag mahay kay when normal school is back, our kids are behind na kaayo. I believer this is a great idea too in order for parents to spend time to our kids, and this is beneficial to our kids as well.

I understand the sentiments of other parents man about the risk. Some may even say nga they can teach their kids on their own, but I have a question: Do you know if ang gi tudlo nimo sa imong kid is appropriate sa iyang edad? If we enroll our kids, we will be provided with resources nga appropriate sa ilang edad. This is better pa gani kay we know exactly how our kids will learn kay kaila ta nila how they behave. We can tailor or approach to them and maka one-on-one ta nila ug tudlo. At school, usa ka teacher sa pila ka students diba? So it is still tour advantage. If we really want our kids to learn nga dili ma behind, and we want them to learn according to their capacity, then please let us enroll our kids. Now na!

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