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Training my kids to cook and eat veggies

A kitchen buddy

I can’t remember when did I actually start cooking but I remember my mama would ask me to help her preparing the ingredients before she cooks, then it escalated to me doing the frying when I was on my third grade, and later was in-charge of cooking our dishes. I’m so proud of my parents for training me how to cook, I can’t imagine what my life could have been had I not learned to cook.

Mama can’t remember exactly when I showed interest in cooking, however, she can tell that I have been a kitchen buddy since I was very young. Wow, I could have been a chef now if I had focused on it. But anyhow, I love cooking as much as I love eating.

Home cooking trainer

Now that I have kids, I have been a cooking trainer to them too. They just don’t have a choice but watch me cook because these kids are somewhat clingy to me, and since we don’t have a helper, I do multi-tasking in almost everything. When it’s time to cook and the they wants to play with me, I just talk them through what I was doing.

When they were very little and have no interest in what I do, I just tell them to play by themselves because I am cooking, and I’m kind of making it more interesting to them by telling them I’m cooking an orange veggies, mixed with some chicken that I caught yesterday, something like that, haha! You know, moms can be a creative story teller when we have to. haha! That kind of lure them to watch me cook, too.

Picky eaters

Although I cook a lot at home, my kids are still picky eaters. I have been cooking veggies because I love veggies more than meat, but for some reasons, my little warriors just don’t like it that much. I guess kids have their own appetite depending on their age. They use to eat veggies until they turn two years old when they start to become picky. Then everything becomes challenging every time I cook.

My kitchen buddies

One way to get them to like veggies is to get them involved in the kitchen from asking them what kind of veggies they want to eat, to sorting the veggies we bought, and of course my creative story telling while cooking. The pandemic also helps me a lot these days cos I used it to get them to eat veggies kay aron dili ma covid. My kids are becoming more interested also in veggies and cooking because of Ben and Holly where Nanny Plum cooks dishes. Peppa Pig also influenced them in eating veggies.

These days, my kids have been my buddies when I cook. Although most of the time, they just mess around, but getting their interest is already an achievement to me.

More time in the kitchen

They spend more time with me in the kitchen these days. It also helped me get them to eat veggies because I give them credit of cooking the best food, although they just handed me over the things I need in cooking. I always make them proud of what they do cos it encouraged them to do more, and help more.

One time when I was so tired from work and I went straight to preparing the things I need for the dish I want to cook, our first born saw me and offered his help. I thanked him and asked him why he helped me when I never asked him, he answered “Kay tired man ka ma, oh.. walay lami kung mag luto nga tired, mao nga mo help ko, para dili ka ma tired.

Passion and compassion

Training my kids to do the kitchen stuff did not just spark their passion to cook, but also ignite compassion in their hearts. It made me realize that I may not be a good parent all the time but my parenting is trending in the right direction.

Now my kids have started to eat more veggies than before, although most of the times I mashed it first like for an 8 month old baby. haha!

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