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Tips For Traveling with Kids

I use to travel a lot before I had kids. When I got pregnant I read some articles about travelling with kids. I also collect ideas from my friends about how do they travel with their kids and everyone had different tips. Of course, each kid is different.

Planning for a travel in the middle of ECQ is not bad at all. It doesn’t matter when we can finally go out and enjoy our vacation, the important is that we are ready.

For parents, however, we need to prepare double because we have kids.

Here are some tips when you are traveling with Kids.

1. Pack light as much as possible. When I say pack light, it’s about packing things that are light weight. Select clothes that are light, and dries fast. Cotton or dry-fit clothes will do. It’s summer all year especially here in Cebu, so light weight clothes, and light colors will be best.

2. Pack things according to the weather. Before you travel, you need to know the weather of your destination. Make sure the clothes you are bringing will be appropriate to the weather if you want to enjoy your travel. And always bring an umbrella with you because regardless if it’s almost summer all year round, rain will always surprise us as well.

3. Bring Toys. Pack your kid’s favorite toy. Do not bring a lot of them. Just the handy ones, enough for them to have something they can play with because we all know kids easily get bored. So you can bring 3-5 handy toys. Ako I have boys, so most of the time, I bring some of their toy cars or trucks. Just 3 pieces so they can monitor it easily. I also bring some newspaper or kids magazine because it helps a lot to keep them busy.

4. Backpack for kids. Let your kids carry their own backpack. Stock thier toys and snacks on it so you won’t have to bring all the stuff in your bag because there’s a big chance if you do it, you will no longer enjoy your travel, because of all the things you carry. Remind the kids to be responsible with their bags or they will lost their toys and food. They sure don’t want that to happen, so they’ll monitor it.

5. Choose snacks wisely. Food always does magic with kids, just make sure not to give them too much of their favorite sweet treats. You do not want them to get cranky or cheeky the whole time. Pack some of their favorite fruits too. And some carbohydrates like bread to fill their tummy. Also when you travel, it is best to keep yourself hydrated, so pack some juice and water.

6. Always bring a trashbag with you. It is always our responsibility to leave no trace during our travel. So don’t forget to bring your own trash bag and dispose it properly. You can also use your plastic water bottle as your trash bottle.

There you go, these are all for now. Don’t forget to share this article to your friends.


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