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The Struggles of Breastfeeding

Every first is a struggle especially when you deliver via C-Sec. When I got pregnant with second baby I told myself na babawi ako. I felt bad about myself when I was not able to breastfeed my first born so I will make sure to breastfeed my second.

Milk Supply

Malihig ako sa kape. Nakasanayan ko na kasi ang caffeine because I am working at night and it gives me energy when I need it. So what I did this time was nagkakape ako pero this is a different coffee. Thankfully I have a cousin who always bring me some kapeng mais mixed with Malunggay. As we all know, malunggay is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals like Protein, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Iron, Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin A, Magnesium, plus it is proven to increase milk supply.

First Latch

I did not had this “Unang Yakap” experience even with my first child. Unang cheek-to-cheek lang yata yun. But anyway, 24 hours after I gave birth, my baby was sent to me by the nurse who assisted me in feeding my baby. It was frustrating, because akala ko andami ko nang alam kung paano gawin yun kasi nag aatend ako ng seminars how to do it. Parang instinct na rin yata natin as a mother. And based on my previous experience, parang alam ko na kung anong gagawin, but it turns out na ang hirap pala talaga. I struggled in positioning him because I had my IV on to help supress bleeding. I was given Oxytoxin kasi. It took us a while for me and my baby to be comfortable at our positions. It was heavenly when he finally latched on, and he’s good at it. Good kasi he will really find a way to latch on, hindi nag rereklamo. He did not cry but I can hear him struggling to have a drink.

Inverted Nipple

One of my struggles is having an inverted nipple. Although my baby was good at catching my nipples, hahihirapan din sya because eventually, it will slip off when he stops sucking. I was frustrated so much na naiiyak na ako because I can see that my babe is hungry and I can see him patiently trying to latch back on. Good thing I had my sister trying to help me get into position and tried to calm me down. We eventually made it. I felt relieved when my baby went to sleep after few minutes. I know baby will only need like a teaspoon during his first 48 hours of life. So okay na yun.

Breastfeeding is a struggle especially during your first week because you and your baby is not yet used to it. But eventually masasanay na rin kayo and you will find your right position. Kaya I always tell my soon-to-be-mom friends not to give in sa crying nu baby. Sometimes kasi maawa tayo kay baby who keeps on crying for not being able to latch on right away when they are hungry. Demanding lang talaga ang baby and his only way to show his frustration is to cry so we have to be patient to get the right position so he can latch on correctly. It’s one way also to start teaching our kid how to be patient. Wag po sana tayong maawa ng sobra that we will resort to just give a formula. That’s a big NO-NO, mommy. I know how hard it is. The struggle is real. Sometimes I felt like giving up but we just need to carry on. Have plenty of patience in finding a way to latch because when he can, tuloy-tuloy na yun.

So moms, don’t give up. Ako, during our first week I always tell him nga we both are new to this so we’ll help each other. Somehow, baby will listen to us. In my case, kinakausap ko si baby everytime and it melts my hear that somehow he will smile to me like he’s telling me that he everything’s gonna be okay.

Mommies, lets encourage ourselves to breastfeed when we can. Let’s feed human with human milk.

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