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Preparing for breastfeeding

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

Thank you for your comments on my previous post about Poor Milk Supply. Sa mga nag send sa ako ug message through my Facebook page, thank you pud kaayo. Most of the comments I received mentioned that their friends, or sisters have trouble breastfeeding because of “not enough milk supply”. Mao gyud kasagaran bisan for myself sa una. Usa ra gyud akong ma sulti ana, if you want to produce a lot of milk puhon inig panganak nimo, then get yourself ready.

Breastfeeding needs a lot of preparation especially for first time moms.

When is the best time to get ready for breastfeeding?

Just like cooking food , it takes a lot of effort to make something delectable, but if you are used to it na, then it’ll be easier moving forward.

Kanus-a  mag sugod ug pangandam for breastfeeding? My answer to that is to start as soon as you know you are pregnant. Preparing yourself for breastfeeding does not necessary mean about stimulating your breast agad-agad. It’s about self preparation like eating nutritional food rich in Vitamin B and C, eating fruits and veggies, mga calcium rich dairy products like gatas, yogurt, vanilla ice cream, pero moderate lang ta aning dairy products hah because maka tambok sab ni. Been there, done that, I ended up sa C-Section, remember? Haha!

Sometimes, it could be pretty tricky also to start preparing for breastfeeding early for some women because of some other reasons, but just know nga breast is best, so prepare the soonest time possible. Ang pag breastfeed man gud needs determination, and effort. So, start the soonest time when you’re ready.

If you are someone nga dili kaayo hilig mo kaon ug prutas and veggies and you want to breastfeed soon, then start eating now aron ma anad kag kaon ani nga mga food. By the time your baby arrives, dili na kaayo effort ang pag kaon nimo ug fruits and veggies, and you can focus on other stuff you need to work-on with your baby.

You also need to exercise. Yes, galaw galaw para kanunay ang blood flow. Always remember nga breast milk is our blood, that’s how wonderful a woman’s body is, our breasts have natural processor that will turn our blood into milk. Amazing, sah?! That is why it is important nga sakto ang dagan sa atong dugo to keep it healthy.

The breastfeeding support

As mentioned, breastfeeding takes a lot of effort and moms can’t do it alone. So you also needed a support team that will help you all the way. During my first pregnancy, wala ko ani. Medyo gor na man ko when I get pregnant, I focused on eating healthy foods. And because wala man koy ka storya about breastfeeding, I did not know nga lisud diay.

What I knew was kung buntis ka, milk will come out naturally. I was even thinking nga mo agas rag iya like mo pugsit ra ug iya because I saw it sa akong Auntie and my mom when I was little. I was surprised pag abot sa akong time kay it was very difficult diay labi na kay inverted akong nipple. Not to mention nga dili ko maka lingkod ug dugay because of my stitch, and effort kaayo mo kaon ug prutas, so ni give up ko.

You also need to discuss with your support especially within sa family nga puhon when you give birth, you need assistance while nag breastfeed or while nursing. First time moms have difficulties to position themselves and their baby during breastfeeding. This will be discussed man hinoon sa imong OB, however, lahi ra gyud ang actual kay struggle is real.

Importance of having a breastfeeding support team

The best thing about having a support team is you have someone who understands your journey.

If you have full support within your family, it will be easier for you to prepare for breastfeeding. Like for example if your family is meat, and processed food lover, you need to explain to them that you are breastfeeding soon, so if they can also adjust for you, then it’s best. Pwede ra sab mo mag sabot nga sagulan ug gulay ang meat. You need to ask for their support because you can’t do it alone.

Be open to your friends and relatives too so they will understand what you need. Kung maka balo sila nga you are preparing yourself to breastfeed your baby and you need to eat healthy food, I’m pretty sure they will help you,  and they would even suggest some food or tips to help you in your journey.

Breastfeeding is not just your own journey, but everyone’s.

So that’s all I want to share for today.

I am hoping that you would share this to your pregnant friends, as they might need to hear this.

Please leave a comment below about your breastfeeding story. Or your friend’s, or siblings breastfeeding preparation story aron ma basa sab sa uban.

Thank you!

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