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Pregnancy During Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of crisis, babies are very prone of being infected. Some newborns are tested positive right after birth although the mother is negative. Expecting mothers nowadays are afraid of getting their newborns infected. Who wouldn’t, right? It’s just relieving that most newborns, if not all, survived the ordeal. So how can we protect our newborns?

It all boils down to the expectant mothers. There is no evidence if pregnant women are more likely to get corona virus than other people but because of the hormonal changes, pregnant women should be very careful as they may get some infections. Experts cannot tell if corona virus is worse for pregnant women that is why it is very important for pregnant women to follow all recommended precautions. Taking care of yourself is extremely important. If you can go to a healthcare provider for a prenatal care, please do, so they will be able to monitor you and your baby. Healthy eating is just as important as well. Make sure that you are eating from nutritious foods that will help your baby’s development and growth. Eat foods that are high in calcium, iron, folic acid, and drink plenty of fluids.

There are is no enough research yet to know if corona virus can spread to babies during birth or pregnancy. The corona virus is carried in respiratory droplets transmitted by sneezing and coughing. So it is extremely important to practice hand hygiene by frequent hand washing with soap for 20 seconds. If you are to go out for prenatal visit, make sure to have an alcohol handy and do not touch your face especially your eyes, mouth and nose. Stay at home as much as possible and stay away from people. If you have cough and cold, limit your exposure to other people.

If you catch a fever or cough, call your doctor’s office and inform them about what you’re feeling. Do not go directly to your doctor’s office as it is important also to limit the spread of the virus. If you have symptoms, it may be possible that you can infect others. So call your doctor for over the phone consultation and follow your doctor’s advise.

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