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Phone apps I share with my kids

One of the things that kids would love to do in this new generation is playing with some phone apps. While some parents restrict mobile phones because of radiation exposure, me on the other hand is lenient to it. As a blogger and someone who uses my mobile phone for hours in a daily basis, I cannot say no to mobile phones at all. In fact, my phone helped me teach my kids colors, alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc.

When did I let my kids use a mobile phone

Our first born was exposed to mobile phones since he was still on my tummy. I used my phone playing classical music as this helped me sleep well even before I get pregnant. So this has become normal for me since I forgot when. A month after I gave birth I went back to work night shift so when I arrive home from work, I use my phone to play some music that will also help me put ourselves to sleep. So it all started from music, then later when he grew up I begin to introduce some apps.

The apps that we are using


I started using Spotify when I got pregnant because of the varieties of classical music available on this app. They say when you get pregnant you will crave for something. I did not crave for any food, but I was addicted to classical music that time. It relaxes my mind and it brought a lot of joy to me. So I have been using this app until now and my kids loves music more than I do.

Candy Crush Soda

I have been using this too since before I get pregnant. I just love the colors of this arcade game and my kids loved it too. Who wouldn’t? They like the sound and music of this game, that breaking glass sound makes it more interesting, with those graphics flying, and the rest of it’s effects are just so addicting! I still play this game until now to be honest. haha!

Pokemon Go

Few months after I gave birth to my first born when this game was launched. I have been playing this on an off though but my kids loves it. They like the idea that they can play with it and at the same time “laag”. Before the pandemic we always go to Ayala, IT park, Fuente, Plaza, just so we can join raids and community day. This has been our bonding on weekends. Now that we cannot go out anymore, we are still able to play with it because our house is just right next to a chapel so we still have Pokemons to catch around the house and we still get to join Community days.

Pokemon Go has this monthly community day where they feature one Pokemon and they have special skills when you evolve them, plus you will get the chance to catch some special kind of that Pokemon we call “shiny”, which has a different color than the normal one.

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends as everyone may have known, is a game of strategy. I have been a fan of this kind of game since before. Although I play this game on and off, I still love it. At first I was only hiding this game until they became curious about it and started playing it. My kids is not very good at it but he gets the idea of how the game works. Sometimes I will tell him that life as he grows will be like this game, you need to fight in order to win and you have to equip yourself to be the best fighter. And the most important of all is to help the team because you cannot win when you go solo. Same with reality, you need to help people because it’s not okay to go solo. Wag kang cancer! lol

Coloring and learning

I installed this because my kids loves to paint but I don’t want them to mess around with the real paint when I am at work. I also use this in introducing letters to my second child because it will allow you to write with your fingers using any color you want. Kids tends to get bored with the normal paper activities so I use this sometimes if I want to get their attention.

Polly Parrot

This is a Peppa Pig game. What I like with this game is the British accent. lol. This is a game about finding Polly, feed Polly, finding a shape, matching pairs, connect the dots, and stickers. This game also let them create sentences for Polly to say, and lets them play virtual hide and seek. This is a fun game for toddlers.

Magic Tiles

Magic Tiles is like a piano game, you tap on the black tiles and it will give you scores. The longer you play, the higher your score. They liked it because they love music and the music are updated. This is also an addicting game that will tests their patience especially when they select an upbeat music.

Messenger Kids

I heard about this app last week on the telly but did not install it until my kids used my messenger to play with it’s effects. I just let them play with it until they tapped on creating a group chat. They added random friends and I was not aware of it until my sister phoned me to check my messenger. Right then I tried this Messenger Kids and I love it! It allows you to create your child’s messenger, and you can control who they can chat with, so the people on their list are limited. It has a code that you need to use in order to add someone but if they don’t know the code, they can type in their friend’s name, and the only option after that is to send it to their parent’s messenger for approval.

So if you have a kid or knew someone, I suggest to install this because it’s safe for kids and it has a lot of interactive games that your kids will enjoy.


Letting your kids play with mobile phone is not as bad as what other people say. You cannot say no mobile phone to your kid when they continue to see you using one, so better let them use it. The important thing is you monitor what they are playing with, what they are watching about, and who they interact with.

It is also important to limit their time. Personally, my kids can only use my phone in a limited time. I set a timer so when it alarms, it means it’s enough.

So that’s all that I can share for this week.

Please comment below if you have any questions or if you know an app for kids that we may try!

Thank you!

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