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Our First Flight Together

Last year, me and my kids went hometown on a plane. It was my kid’s first plane ride. I mean, my eldest had his flight before when he was so little but it’s their first time to fly when they’re, let’s say “naa nay buot”.

It was sometime in August last year (2019) when we had our first family reunion, it was sort of first cousin’s reunion together will our parents though. So we went home and it was my first time travelling on a plane with two little cheeky monkies. And when you’re travelling with Aunts and Cousins, it’s nothing but funny moments, we almost missed our flight, we got caught up a little bit at the airport due to an alcohol we brought in with our hand-carry things. Haha! Small things that would take time to resolve but we survived the journey and got on the plane with no issues followed. I was holding up my beast mode to be honest. My cousin’s husband missed to move his whisky to his checked-in luggage and it was detected in the scanners. The guys in the airport took it and almost left the area without our confirmation if we are going to get the thing packed or whatever. So, my beast mode was just right. Anyway, that’s not the story here. So let’s proceed.

Travelling is not an issue with us. Well, surely enough, not an issue to my family, but it was for me because I had a toddler who can’t stay long in a seat. My baby boy just don’t want to sit still. Soon as he sits on his seat, he was trying to take off the belt to go play with his brother, and want to walk around, was cranky because he was tied up on his belt, and he was so loud. Luckily, there was one feature on the magazine that he liked and he was entertained enough to make him stay still – at least for some seconds.

I guess there’s no easy way to do this kind of travel when you have a kid. Yeah not all the kids are the same with mine but in times like mine, I guess the best way to do this is to travel with their favorite toy. It was unfortunate that I was not able to bring in their toys during that travel.

So my suggestion is if you have time before your flight, please do spend some time picking up some of your kid’s favorite toys to play with when in the plane as it buys you some time during the flight especially during take-off.

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