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My Take for Covid-19

With the issues going up everyday, one will ask when will this crisis be over? When can we see the world again? it has been more than a month since we are caged in our own grounds. New normal is something that we did not imagine could happen. Something that we did not expect.

I wonder what other people are thinking about this crisis we are facing. A simple instuction cannot be followed but we all know the cases are soaring high but we continue to go out.

I just wish we all will get the responsibility to eliviate this situation. Our government is running out of funds trying to get us all through this pandemic, however, there are still a lot of us who doesn’t understand the need for responsibility. Can we not just stay home and be at peace?

Anyway, I just want to wish everyone good health and to stay safe aminds this ongoing crisis. If we don’t want this, let’s help each other to put an end to this. We got this, I know, but this only happens if we commit ourselves to take part. Stay home, cover when you cough, weak mask and don’t go out when it’s not necesarry. That’s the least that we can do.

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