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My husband got infected with COVID-19

Frontliner down

Most of yous know man nga husband is a frontliner diba. Nag mandatory swab test sila last July 1, and it appears that he is positive but asymptomatic. This is the part when I say, covid may not be as bad as it sounds, at least sa among family. So ayaw ug panic that much kay mao nay maka daut. But I know not all people are the same, so I’m not telling you to be complacent na. Stay home sa lang jud ta, besh.

A month prior

V Alejandro is asymptomatic, so wala syay gibati. However, last May 27, nag pislango sya. We all were feeling pislango 2 days after. The kids had fever, taas ang temp nila (38.5) but was gone after taking paracetamol. They have had this kind of fever before that took days, so I did not panic nor worry kay kinaon nako ng sickness nila. They had no cough nor cold but ping-ot ilong. But then again, that was all it was. They were like monkeys pagka ugma, and healthy as a horse.

Then me, and brother in-law had lbm the day after, then pagka hapon, we were unwell. Sakit lawas, ping-ot ilong, itchy throat, no fever, and just feel tired, which is normal for me especially when allergic rhinitis strikes. Allergic rhinitis is even worse kay mag lisud kog ginhawa ana, but what we felt in May was very mild. I was a bit worried becos of covid but as per guideline, kung pislango lang, no shortness of breath, no long period of hilanat, then u just stay home for 14 days. So we did. We also noticed nga we lost our sense of taste, and smell. They all got it all back except for me nga until now, I can taste but can’t smell that much. That’s it.

Tested positive

Yesterday afternoon, hubby was informed about his result from the test and was given a choice to stay home, or stay at their facility. He choose to stay home, kay he is worried he might get symptoms na hinoon if he stayed there. I proactively informed the barangay about my husband’s condition, and was told by the midwife that they no longer allow home iso.

However, she (the midwife) will need to confirm it because as far as the barangay is concerned, husband is “probable” pa daw becos they did not recieve a report pa man daw. He’ll stay home until confirmed and she will arrange an ambulance to take him to their facility. We on the other hand will stay home, we can’t go out, said she will arrange for someone to run some errands for us if we need to buy food, a tanod will come to take our money, he will buy food for us. Ang importante, someone will run some errands for us. Also, I was informed nga after 14 days, we will be swabbed. (Now that sounds uncomfy!)

So yun lang. To my husband’s friends and family in Antique, don’t worry about us. We are alright. If there’s anything we will ask from you, it’ll be to take care of yourselves, kaon gulay, stay hydrated, wash hands with soap, often. We will take care of ourselves, relax lang, focus lang kamo kay Nanay Acay becos the kids are alone with her. Ok lang si Etic nyo. Kaya namun ja.

Among nanay in Antique diay, was hospitalized last week, went home, and was brought back to the hospital the other day. No, it’s not covid related. We are praying for her safety too.

To my family, pui mi, or whatever u may call it. I really don’t know to be honest. but we are all fine. Kamunggay will shield us.

Friends, kaon jud tag gulay. When we got sick last May, we never had tuob, we survived. Again, covid may not be as bad as it sounds. But its a case to case basis mga besh. Ang importante is we have to be responsible enough to stay away from people. JUST. STAY. HOME.

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