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Mothering duties during lockdown 2020

As a working mom I’m always guilty of not responding to my children right away when they ask me something, mothering duties is challenging. These are the very reason why I always find time to play with them even for a bit. Weekends are suppose to be my rest days but I don’t rest at all. These are the days I get to compensate the time I miss to play with my kids.

Mostly I will do the normal household chore and I involve them because I want them to get used to it. This is how I bond with them. There are times I get them involved on my hobbies too. Well, what can I do, they are my shadows!

Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together.

—Pearl S. Buck

Quality time with kids

Sometimes, bonding with kids can be challenging when you are not in the mood to play with them. What I normally do is determine what I want to do that my kids may want to join me.


One of my hobby is doing some crochet projects. One time when I was too bored to doing some drawings with my kids, I invited them to join me making a crochet project. It took time to finish it though because I have to talk them through it. I also tried to teach Kuya but he’s too young for it, we end up making chains without using the hook. haha! But I did finished my project, and they were proud of being part of it.


Yes, we were one of those who tried to plant with no luck during lockdowns. Biben has been very supportive of me during these days because he is curious of what I have been doing. He has been helping me from the time I bought the soil. He loves the idea of composting because he gets to play “feeding the soil”. I was also impressed how he liked planting and was constantly reminding me to water our plants.

Doing arts

Of all the mothering duties on my list, art is something that I may fail because I don’t have that skill. Kids as they are, they love to play art. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing it though because I’m over it, and I can’t draw anymore. I can only draw smiley, haha! But what else can I do, I am a mother and I want my kids to express their thoughts. I want them to play with colors and learn to love it. They love to draw and it’s amazing how their drawings are so cute.

Good thing I was able to buy some color pens before the lockdown, otherwise I will be forced to go to National Bookstore. hahaha

Doing house chores

There is not much that you can do during lockdowns because you can’t go out. We used to go out to catch some Pokemons in Fuente and IT Park, walking and watching sports in Abellana, going to playgrounds, going to the malls eating sweets. But these these things are impossible to do, and since we are at home all the time, I decided to bond with my kids by teaching them house chores.


Being a mom is not a competition and has no specific requirement than being responsible. The best way to raise a man is to be best version of yourself, and do not entertain negative people. You are a mother, you are the best!

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