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Getting to know the first modules for this school year.

The first modules for this school year have been distributed already. A few months ago, parents were asked to choose the modality of learning they would prefer to use.

I chose modular distant learning because my computer at home is not for personal use.

We got our modules last Friday and I quickly scan through it. Some module has 6 pages, some 8, and there are also less than 6. My son, Drei, is a first grader diri sa HES, and they’ve got 5 modules. Sakto gyud ni one module each day.

Here are the list of the first grader’s modules

  • ESP – Edukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao
  • MTB – Mother Tongue Based (Multilingual Education)
  • Araling Panlipunan
  • Math

I have to admit I don’t really know kung unsa ang angay nga unahon. I was overwhelmed sab because the pages are quite daghan. Their list of accomplishment form helped me decide which module to take first , mao nga we started sa ESP.

Edukasyon sa pagpapakatao (ESP) | Module 1

The module consists of reading sections, with songs that match the topics, activities, and quizzes. I can tell nga ma test gyud ang skills sa parents ani. I personally didn’t really know unsa ni nga subject.

The first activity in this module was to test the ability of the learner to chose the image that describes his interest.

The second activity is about discovering one’s interest. So, there’s a story about Dora nga nag laag to her friends, naabtan ug gabii and she got lost on her way home. This is the part where the learner will sing “Kidlap, kidlap bituon” to the tune of “Twinkle, twinkle, little star“. By doing this, Dora was able to find her way home.

After sa story, mag subay dayon kung kinsa ang name sa character of the story, unsa ang nahitabo along the way, and what the learner did to help Dora on her way.

More about this module

I was glad that my son got interested sa among first module. He was able to determine his interest and we discussed it. Dugay mi nahuman sa among activity kay ni chika na man sya unsa ang kaya niya buhaton. And it felt great to know nga I was able to deliver the activity in the module with no frustrations whatsoever along the way.

I am hoping nga he will remain interested sa uban pa nga mga activities on this module.

Furthermore from this module, nakita nako nga naa pa’y 15 activities more. At this very moment that I am writing, I am quite overwhelmed. I’m not quite sure how to deliver all these, knowing that I am working the whole day. Pero laban lang.

My two cents about these modules

I understand that education has to continue regardless of the situation we are in now. This is something that is important because let’s admit it, most of the parents for the last 7 months were not really teaching their kids at home. It is just right nga naa tay angay buhaton for our kids that will benefit their future.

However, I just wished that the activities in the modules are not that much. I’m not telling nga tanan hah. This is based on this module that we are working on today which is the ESP.

For me, 16 activities in one module is too much for a first grader. I haven’t checked the other modules though but I am hoping the activities will be lesser.

To all my readers, this is just on my own perspective hah. I am someone man gud nga dili mo push sa akong kid to study that much. I have experienced na man gud that I pushed him to follow how I want him to learn. It ended up frustrating both of us. When he see me holding an activity book, he will start to ignore me, and mag palayo sa ako.

I don’t want to do that now. I want to guide him according to his interest cos I believe if the learner is not interested on something, he will not learn anything at all.


If you are a parent and want to talk about your challenges aning modular distant learning, I’d like to hear from you.

You can also reach me on Facebook.

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