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Contact Tracing and Swab Testing.

On contact tracing.

When positive cases rose in Cebu back in April, I saw on the news these DOH staff who conducts contact tracing and swab testing. They were wearing full PPE gear, or whatever you may call it. The go to the barangays and test the people who were close in contact with the positive patient. Not just their family, but the neighbors as well.

And now, 3 months after, when troops were sent to our City, it seems like the standards if contact tracing were lessen, at least, from what I have observed.

Based on our own experience after husband was tested positive in July 4, the contact tracing done to us, 5 days after the result, was a very brief interview ra. There were two guys who came to us wearing mask only, no ppe or anything, just a pen and some papers. They were like people who conducts census kada tuig. Their questions were the following:

About sa nag positive:

  1. Asa nag work si sir?
  2. Kanus-a sya last ni adto sa work?
  3. Kanus-a sya last ni ari sa inyo?

To me and the rest of us inside the house (close in contact)

  1. Asa ka nag work mam?
  2. Unsay trabaho?
  3. Kanus-a ka last ni adto sa work?

Mao ra jud na. After the interview ni explain sila nga they would like to conduct a swab test to us.

On swab testing.

I asked them why it’s earlier than what our bgry midwife told me originally nga ig 14 days na mi iswab? He answered, wa daw sila kabalo unsay process sa brgy kay taga DOH daw sila.

So I told them nga wala mi symptoms and I believe we don’t need to be swabbed (which he agreed). I told him that I was also waiting sa advise from my husband kay gi clarify pa niya kung asa mi dapat magpa test or kung kelangan ba gyud mi itest which I am hesitant considering nga if ma positive na, di na pwede home quarantine. I can’t afford an absent from work kay I have bills to pay and the isolation facilities have unpleasant feedbacks. (Sorry kaau but trust issues sa doh test result is real jud pud)

So gipa sign dayon kog waiver nga wa mi nagpa swab during their visit. Then off they go.


My expectation sa mag contact tracing kay they will ask questions like asa recently nag adto si husband, kinsa ang close in contact other than us, kung nakig tabi ba si husband sa silingan or unsa, kami nga family, i was expecting iask sab mi kung nang gawas ba mi recently, kung asa mi nangadto kay tracing baya.. but that was never asked jud.

My expectation sab sa mo conduct ug test kay in full ppe but mask ra jud ang suot sa ni ari. Wa gani nag gloves. I cannot trust the swab test with them especially since I know na gikan sila sa usa ka kauban ni husband, nearby, nag conduct sab ug swab didto.

My final take.

With this happenings, maka ingon ko there are a lot of things nga need pa gyud i-improve sa process nila. It’s important to have coordination, and proper sanitation kay we are talking about health here. If this pandemic is serious, every actor needs to seriously follow the protocol.

Kung mag conduct ug swab test, I believe it is important nga sakto ilang suot kay kuyaw man kaha ni. Otherwise, if the costs of PPE and the rest of their gears are too much for the budget, maybe it’s best to spend the budget nalang to buy some food for the people, so that people will no longer sneak out of their house.

At some point I’m angry, and confused, and scared. There were nights last week nga I can’t sleep well because I am very much bothered pud of my own decision. I too would like to know what’s our real score but there are a lot of things that are valid that I need to consider.

My call to everyone.

I’m not telling you to do the same with me nga dili magpa swab. I’m telling you this, hoping that our experience may help you weigh things out just in case you’ll be in my shoe.

I don’t want you to go through what we’ve been through in terms of protocols and processes kay maka stress na’ng mag huna-huna ka nga this is what u need to do, but if u do it with no support and proper process, then you’re taking a great risk hinoon sa inyong budget, and most importantly your health.

Akong hangyo sa tanan is to stay at home jud. Wear mask kung mo gawas, aron dili maka langhap ug virus and if you’re a carrier dili sab ka maka spread. Frequent hand washing, to wash off dirts and viruses. Stay healthy like inum kanunay ug tubig, take vitamins, galaw-galaw. Get your blood flowing, and eat healthy. Kay dili lalim ang feeling sa usa ka family member of someone who is tested positive.

Mao ra na for now. I will be publishing more of our covid stories here on my website, soon. So please subscribe to get updates. Stay healthy!

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