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Blended Learning

“We must implement online learning, modular learning, and tv and radio-based broadcast which students coming from different backgrounds can avail.”

These are the exact words coming from our President about the upcoming school reopening during his State Of the Nation Address the other day, 27th of July, 2020. This too is the very thing that I have been waiting to hear from him.

You all know my stand about education. I am not a professor. It was my childhood dream but it was doomed for some reasons. However, since I became a parent, I sort of regret why I missed to encourage myself to love teaching. Being a parent is like being a teacher at all. A child’s first school is at home.

Home schooling has become trending since the pandemic. People are anxious about the safety of their children. I understand the concern, but I don’t understand why some people are against blended learning. Probably this is because we lack information about our options to continue studying amids pandemic.

What is blended learning then?

According to WIKIPEDIA, “Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or place.”

Is this the only option that our Department of Education has offered?

According to Secretary Briones on her presentation that was aired live on the DepEd Facebook page last July 23, 2020, their thrust now is blended learning. Parents who really doesn’t like face-to-face learning can choose online learning. If a parent can’t do the online learning, DepEd utilize television, radio, and if this still doesn’t work especially in remote areas, they will use IBM (It’s Better Manual).

What is IBM (It’s Better Manual)?

This is where modular system applies. Learning materials will be delivered to the learners through the Local Government. Teachers will be mobilized as well to deliver the learning materials. This is the modular learning where in modules are provided to learners so that they will continue to learn amidst current situation.

Why should we not be afraid?

Parents should not be afraid to enroll their kids especially now that it has been announced by the President himself that there will be no face-to-face classes. Kids will remain at home all the time.

My personal opinion.

I believe that as parents, we should be a role model to our kids. Our government is doing their best to provide the needed tools for our kids to continue going to school. I also understand that some parents especially those whose kids are in kindergarten are hesitant because no parent would want to expose their kids to this virus, however, I would continue to encourage everyone to not be afraid, because there is no face-to-face classes, and we do not need to worry about gadgets and internet because we have an option for modular learning.

Base on my observation, most of the parents who reacted NO to class resumption are those who haven’t enrolled their kids yet. I am telling you now, besh, parents have the option to choose which approach is applicable to them. I choose modular for my 1st grader. This is because we can’t study with gadgets or internet or we will end up in YouTube or Minecraft.

My chance

As a parent who is trying to teach my kids with academic lessons at home, I am looking forward to this modular learning. With the guidance DepEd, I will be able to teach my kid according to his age. I know there are a lot of materials we can find online these days, however, I would still prefer to have the appropriate material for my kids. This maybe because, as I have mentioned, I can’t teach alone. I have a lot of things on my mind that I think is appropriate to my kids but later found that it’s not. So I better skip guessing a material to use.

Besh, again, do not be afraid. Education is the only wealth we can give to our kids. Let us be a role model to our kids. Let us not be an example of having a lot of excuses not to go to school. How can move forward if we ourselves will not grasp the new normal way of studying.

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