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A Little Adventure With My Kids

A day in Bacalla Woods.

There are times in a moms life when all you just want to do is to break free from all the things you do. Yes, sometimes I wanna quit as a mom and a wife. This job is very exhausting. But no matter how I want to, I just can’t. Being mom is not something that we can take a break, not even a minute. Me time is just a dream especially in my case because I don’t have a helper. I work during the day, feed my kids, do the laundry during weekends, clear the never ending mess around the house.

However, I came to the point that I was really over it that I really want to go out no never know where. It was Saturday and I was getting ready to do the laundry when I saw a little blue thing I bought my kid for emergency, a whistle. The thing reminds me of my hiking days and in that instant, all of my plans were changed right away! Yes, I am spontaneous. Haha! So I packed some things, bath the kids and off we go to no where.

I was literally out of idea where to go, I just want to breath, go to a place where I can spend time doing nothing without having to worry of my kid’s safety. Facebook is a friend, and viola!, I found Bacalla Woods Campsite! So we went to see what’s in this place. We got lost along the way because we haven’t been there. I mean, I have never been to San Fernando alone, and it was ages when I last passed by the place, everything was so different then. But my worry pays off. This was the place that I longed to go. Quite, fresh air, affordable rate, clean and comfortable accommodation, friendly and accommodating hosts, mountain, trees, camping, beautiful skies, hammock… it’s perfect!

The owner encouraged to book ahead of time but I guess if you’re in the place already, they would find a way to give you an accommodation. We went there with no advanced booking (pf course because it was a spontaneous plan) and was lucky that the place is not fully booked, so they gave is the igloo type. Their entrance free already includes breakfast. Di ka mag mahay because the food is tasty. You can also order some canned goods if you want. You can bring your own food too and cook it there. Their amenities includes cooking area and kitchen and you can use their utensils. For your comfort, they also have a clean wash and bathroom. Water is not a problem, so if anything goes with your group’s socials at night, you can freshen up in the morning to feel good. The water is cold and relaxing.

If you are also into adventures (I was, but I had 2 kids with me that time, so pass nalang muna), you can inform the host to take you to the waterfalls nearby, spend some hours trekking, and just enjoy the walk around.

The place is eco-friendly, you can’t see any plastics considering there were a lot of guests when we arrived. The hosts also encouraged everyone not to leave trace. So you better be responsible not to leave your trash, they have bins for it anyway. So throw it accordingly.

So that was my first adventure with my kids at Bacalla Woods, San Fernando. Discovering things just the three of us, going to a place with no hesitations, and riding a habal-habal with them. It was fun knowing that we lost our way but we did it. We went home safe a day after. Yung masasabi mong “weekend well-spent”, and it was one of the weekends where I get to see my kids happily playing with dirts, climbing ropes, doing swings, spending time alone in the hammock. And me in a distant, smiling, relaxed, and feel blessed to have a chance to do this with them. It as unforgettable and will surely do it again.

For those who is not familiar of the place, this is located in San Fernando, Cebu City. I don’t have my own ride, so I took a bus, and rode habal-habal with my kids. If you want to know more about the place and wants to visit when Covid is gone, just pm Cleo, the host.  You can go to their Facebook page pud to have a look. Search for Bacalla Woods Campsite

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